Encountering Foreignness - Nordic Perspectives since the Eighteenth Century
Encountering Foreignness – Nordic Perspectives since the Eighteenth Century (ENFORE) is a Nordic network elaborating the concept of "foreignness" in a series of multidisciplinary exploratory workshops, financed by NOS-HS.

The group consists of historians, anthropologists and ethnologists, whose research time span stretches from the early modern time up to the present. Part of the scholars focus on foreignness experienced at home, whilst others mainly study Scandinavians abroad. The participants have studied, e.g. missionary work, world exhibitions, international tourism, port towns, minorities, immigrants/emigrants and consumer culture. A common basis is mobility – mobility of people, objects and ideas. Research on Nordic culture and history has tended to ignore transnational and global dimensions whilst the ambition of this network is to move beyond national histories.

The network will offer an international, multidisciplinary forum which will enable researchers – from doctoral students to postdocs and senior researchers – to discuss, compare and deepen the analysis of practices and values linked to foreignness in the Nordic context from a long, historical perspective. Furthermore, the network opens new understanding to such crucial social issues of today as identity, multiculturalism, intercultural interaction, tolerance and equality.