Aali, Heta   
Research interests: French Romanticism, French historiography, Merovingian queens

Alanko, Teija
Research interests: Archaeobotany, garden history, macrofossil plant remains from medieval and historical gardens

Arponen, Aki
Research interests: catholic relics, textiles in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era, archaeometry. 

Bernotas, Rivo
Research interests: Archaeology and social history of urban defence, medieval walled towns in Old Livonia and Finland       

Bűdi, Regina  
Research interests: Old Finnish literary language, propries in the Postilla of bishop Sorolainen

Carroll, Ruth  
Research interests: The linguistics of historical English, especially pragmatics, discourse analysis, and phraseology.   

de Anna, Luigi G.
Research interests: Relations of Italy and Finland, knowledge about the Nordic countries in European culture, history of nobility, history of orders

De Bruyn, Daryl

Ernvall, Liisa

Etu-Sihvola, Heli
Research interests:
Stable isotope research on archaeological bone material, Eura Luistari cemetery (600-1150 AD)     

Fonsén, Tuomo    
Research interests: the grammar allegory "Horrendum Bellum Grammaticale" (1673) by Justus Georg Schottelius, the 'father of German grammar' (its significance in terms of grammaticography and language policy), early-modern German grammars from Finland and Sweden, German influence on Finnish legal language, Luther's influence on the tradition of vernacular translations of the Bible. 

Harjula, Janne
Research interests: material culture in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era

Harri, Jopi
Research interests: Eastern Slavic church music         

Hartola, Marja 
Research interests: Subject of dissertation: Finnish medieval food economy.     

Heinonen, Meri  
Research interests:medieval mysticism, especially the meanings of gender and body, spiritual friendship  

Helenius, Visa
Research interests: The principle of sufficient reason of G. W. Leibniz; principle of sufficient reason in western philosophy.

Helin, Irmeli 
Research interests: Jaakko Finno's hymnal (1583)   

Hiljanen, Mikko
Research interests: Local Finnish priests as state builders circa 1520-1610  

Hiltunen, Risto
Research interests:History of English, historical discourse studies, Old and Middle English, legal discourse, Salem witchcraft documents. 

Holmberg, Eva Johanna
Research interests: early modern ethnic and religious identities, Jewish-Christian relations, history of the body, cultural history of travel and cross-cultural encounters

Honkapohja, Alpo
Research interests: research of manuscripts, paleography, Digital Humanities, medieval medicine, Middle English, medieval Latin, historical Linguistics, multilingualism, historical Dialectology

Hovi, Tuomas
Research interests: Dracula tourism in Romania

Huhtinen, Johannes
Research interests: early modern era, historiography, English Civil War

Hukantaival, Sonja
Research interests:Building deposits and beliefs concerning them in Finland

Hägglund, Anna-Stina
Research interests:  Birgittine monasteries in the Baltic Sea region during the 15th century and their benefactors

Ijäs, Ulla
Research interests:Marie Hackmanista (1776-1865), activity of women

Immonen, Teemu
Research interests: hermit monks and eremitical spirituality at the monastery of Monte Cassino 

Inaba Nobufumi     

Kaartinen, Marjo
Research interests: Early modern British Isles, women's history, gender history, history of corporeality, illness, and especially breast cancer, attitudes towards children's death, history of monasticism and racism in Finland.

Kallio, Maria
Research interests: MA Thesis dealt with medieval testaments in the area of Turku bishopric, the influence of religion in writing of testaments

Kallioinen, Mika 
Research interests: history of trade from the Middle Ages to 20th century   

Kanerva, Kirsi 
Research interests: history of emotions, Icelandic culture 13th and 14th centuries, sagas

Kantola, Ismo
Research interests: 

Karppinen-Kummunmäki, Henna
Research interests: gender history, history of everyday life, the early modern period, the nobility.

Kataisto, Ruut
Research interests: Cardinal Domenico Capranica's biography from 15th century

Katajamäki, Terhi
Research interests: The political involment of King Gustaf Vasa's daughters.

Kauko, Mikko
Research interests: history of Swedish language, Swedish language in the Middle Ages, Jöns Budde, Latin

Kazan, Georges
Research interests: 
relics, saints, reliquaries and holy healing, as well as byzantine art history and byzantine archaeology.

Keinästö, Kari 
Research interests: German language in the Middle Ages, German literature, German grammatical tradition in Finland and Nordic countries, the oldest German newspapers and their language, lingual relations of Germany and Finland        

Keskinen, Jarkko  
Research interests: The change of trade in Pori 1765-1852  

Kinnunen, Joonas
Research interests: The manifestions of social networks of the Hanseatic trade in the archaeological material.

Kinnunen, Jussi
Research interests: archaeology of the Middle Ages, building archaeology, Urban archaeology of the city of Turku, digital methods

Kirjavainen, Heini
Research interests: Medieval and early modern textiles, textile archaeology.

Kivistö, Terhi
Research interests: taxation in Turku province from 13th century to 1540s

Knaapi, Kalle
Research interests: theater in antiquity, theater in Byzantine Empire

Koistinen, Olli
Research interests: early modern philosophy, theory of act, metaphysics

Korhonen, Anu
Research interests: Early modern England, gender, humour, beauty, folly, emotions, 
sexuality, and the body.

Korpijärvi, Teemu
Research interests: Medieval maritime history in the Baltic Sea region and Northern-Europe, Baltic Crusades, Naval warfare during the High Middle-Ages.

Korte, Tapio    

Kukkonen, Karin
Research interests: 18th Century Novels; Literary Criticism in the 17th and 18th Centuries (in Britain, France and Germany).

Kuusamo, Altti
Research interests: Art history, iconography,semiotics.  

Kuuskoski, Hanna 
Research interests: church paintings in Finland in 1510s  

Laakso, Ville
Research interests:orthodox culture in Finland

Lagerstam, Liisa
Research interests: 17th century way of living, noblemen and material culture

Lahti, Sofia
Research interests: medieval body-part reliquaries in Nordic countries

Lahtinen, Anu 
Research interests: family relations and economic and cultural gender hierarchies in the Nordic Kingdoms ca. 1400-1620    

Lahtinen-Kaislaniemi, Maria
My research focuses on isotope application in archaeology. The main topics are mobility and diet in prehistoric, Medieval and early historic periods. My studies include isotope analysis from skeletal material, fabrics, plants and waters.

Laiho, Hemmo
Research interests: Early modern philosophy, especially Kant, perception, aesthetics

Laitinen, Riitta
Research interests: Order and Disorder in Early Modern Urban Space  

Lanza, Eleonora
Research interests: The artistic Patronage of the Donà alla Maddalena family in the 17th and 18th century Venice.  

Lampinen, Antti
Research interests: Literary traditions in antiquity, ancient ethnography.

Latva, Otto
Research interests: The cultural history of animals, focusing especially on marine animals, History of science, Natural philosophy and curiosities during the early modern period.

Lehmusjärvi, Niina
Research interests: The Agency of Hedvig Eleonora Stenbock ja Catharina Elisabeth Kijk as Owners of Teijo Iron Works at 18th Century.

Lehtomäki, Minna
Research interests: Art history and medieval studies     

Lehtonen, Maria
Reseach interests: Old Literary Finnish, terminology in Westh codex.

Lehtosalo, Kaisa
Research interests: Finnish language in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era, vocabulary of Michael Agricola    

Lempiäinen, Terttu      

Lidman, Satu
Research interests: late medieval and early modern periods, including legal culture, discipline and punishment, values and attitudes, violence against women, chastity and sexuality.

Liira, Aino
Research interests: Paratextual communication in manuscripts and early printed editions of the Middle English Polychronicon

Linkinen, Tom
Research interests: cultural history and understanding of same-sex sexuality, late medieval England

Luoma, Virpi
Research interests: Early modern Constantinople, travel writing, cultural encounters

Lönnroth, Harry
Research interests: nordic philology, translation.

Maines, Elina   

Majantie, Kirsi
Research interests: Medieval and Early Modern material culture in Northern Europe, stove tiles in particular.

Maunu, Ari  

Melan, Mikael 
Research interests: various explanations for human actions, philosophies of antiquity, the middle ages and the early modern period

Miettinen, Riikka  
Research interests: suicides in early modern Finland and Sweden, history of crime and justice, history of mental illnesses   

Moilanen, Mikko
Research interests: Swords with ferrous inlays from the Late Iron Age and early medieval period in Finland.

Muhonen, Timo
Research interests: Finnish cairns from the Iron Age and historical time. These stone heaps have been put together for different purposes, but the aim is to situate them especially into the wider framework of Finnish folk belief. This is done by combining mainly archaeological, historical and folklore material.

Mäkikalli, Aino 
Research interests: English novel 17th and 18th centuries   

Mäkilähde, Aleksi
Research interests: multilingualism in the early modern English period

Norja, Sara
Research interests: Manuscript studies, Middle English, alchemical prose texts, history of science, multilingualism.

Norro, Miika
Research interests: Symbolism in the works of Chrétien de Troyes, knightly culture and religiosity.

Nummila, Kirsi-Maria 
Research interests: Old Finnish literary language, medieval and early modern cultural vocabulary and urban nomenclature 

Oravisjärvi, Jani
Research interests: Numismatics, early monetary systems, the study of provenance

Pihl, Erika
Research interests: Individual and collective experience in medieval literature (12th century French romances, Chaucer, Boccaccio)

Peake, Rose-Marie
Research interests: early modern female spirituality, early modern 
history, history of the Catholic church, French history, gender history

Peikola, Matti
Research interests: Wycliff's translation of the Bible, liturgical paratexts, the art of writing in 17th century New  Enland, English in Turku Academy

Penttinen, Saara
Research interests: Cabinets of Curiosity, Materiality, History of Science, Early Modern England, History of Geography, Barriers of Art and Science

Rajala, Kirsi         

Ranki, Kreeta  
Research interests: animal experience in early modern philosophy   

Rastas, Johanna
Research interests: historical pragmatics, Early Modern English, manuscript studies, digital humanities

Raunio, Anu  
Research interests: Italian travel literature, early modern cross-cultural encounters between Italy and Scandinavia, conversion narratives.

Repo, Arto 

Rintala, Arto
Research interests: Short stories collection of Miguel de Cervantes

Rissanen, Veli-Matti
Research interests: Cicero. Bilingualism in Cicero's letters. Cicero in later periods. Letter-writing in antiquity.

Romano, Ciro
Research interests: History of political institutions and the Catholic Church,  history of knighthood. Paleography  and Diplomatics.

Ruohonen, Juha 
Research interests: history of population, historical sources, historical maps, GIS, folklore, organization of the church, christianization, place-names, traditions  

Ruokkeinen, Sirkku
Research interests: Paratexts in reneissance England   

Räsänen, Marika
Research interests: The relic cult of Thomas Aquinas in Late Medieval Italy    

Räisänen-Schröder, Päivi
Research interests: religiosity in the early modern period, marginal religious movements,  book history, history of gender, history of emotions, history of medicine

Saarenpää, Taina
Research interests: Finnish bourgeois women in medieval documents

Saari, Seppo
Research interests: music in culture and music as culture

Saarni, Matti
Research interests: History of philosophy, especially Kant

Salmi, Hanna  
Research interests: Text-organising devices and interaction in Middle English debate poetry       

Salmi, Heidi 

Salonen, Kirsi
Research interests: Apostolic Penitentiary, law history, church history, crimes and sinns

Sandelin, Minna
Research interests: 13th and 14th century province laws in Sweden

Sarjala, Jukka
Research interests: musical philosophy of different disciplines, affects

Savolainen, Panu
Research interests: Textual representations of spatiality and materiality, housing and everyday practices of living, experiences of light and darkness, architectural history​

Seppälä, Suvianna
Research interests: taxation of peasants in 16th century Finland    

Seppänen, Liisa
Research interests: Urban archaeology, buildings and living environments, material culture, dendroarchaeology and archaeological methods, communicative archaeology and practical applications of archaeological research ​

Seppänen, Minna
Research interests: Greek and Latin literature and language from Hellenistic period to early Middle Ages

Sievers, Anita

Silva, Tiago 
Research interests: Medieval History; History of Historiography

Sinokki, Jani
Research interests: Theory of perception in the early modern period, the philosophy of Descartes and the philosophy of Locke.

Sippola, Reetta
Research interests:The visual and textual narratives of the voyages of Captain James Cook

Skaffari, Janne 

Research interests: language contact and linguistic (particularly lexical) change in medieval English​


Steinby, Liisa

Research interests: 18th century German literature and philosophy         
Szurawitzki, Michael
Research interests: Machiavelli and European literature
Tanskanen, Sanna-Kaisa
Research interests: discourse linguistics and pragmatics, applied to both historical and present-day  English material.

Tiihonen, Mari
Research interests: France in the 18th century, revolution, citizenship and

Tolonen, Pekka
Research interests: spiritual movements of laity in Languedoc in the 13th century    

Toropainen, Tanja​

Toropainen, Veli Pekka

Tuhkanen, Tuija
Research interests: 17th century pulpits in Finnish churches    

Tunturi, Janne 
Research interests: Early modern historiography and historical thinking, history of books, medievalism      

Tuominiemi, Tiina
Research interests: Charles Perrault's stories (1697),  thematic of getting lost and hiding

Uotila, Kari
Research interests: archaeology

Uusitalo, Harri
Research interests: Codex Aitolahti and other old Finnish law book translations, old literary Finnish

Vaahtera, Jaana
Research interests: history of scholarship and linguistics, from 5th century to 10th century

Vaahtera, Jyri
Research interests: antiquity, Orationes-project

Vainio-Korhonen, Kirsi
Research interests: Gender history, Finnish history, history of work and female labour, 18th century

Valle, Ellen 
Research interests: linguistics        

Varila, Mari-Liisa
Research interests: patterns of production and dissemination of vernacular scientific writing in 16th-century England   

Viinikkala, Lauri
Research interests: peasants as agents in 18th century Varsinais-Suomi (Southwest Finland)     

Vuohu, Meri 
Research interests: Water Management in Pisa from 1475 to 1530 

Vuola, Aulikki
Research interests: Latin syntax in Piacentian documents of the 9th century      

Vuorinen, Juha-Matti
Research interests: buildings in late Iron age and early Middle Ages in Southwest Finland

Välimäki, Mari
Research interests: Man and marriage in the late 17th century Turku.

Välimäki, Reima
Research interests: Doctorial dissertation: religious control, heresy, Petrus Zwicker

Ylivuori, Soile
Research interests: eighteenth-century England, history of politeness, gender history, early modern body

Ylä-Anttila, Tupu
Research interests: classical humanisim in the education of 16th century noblewomen.