BA and MA Studies at the Faculty of Humanities

Admission to Degree Studies​

Please remember to always check the latest information from the Admission Guide (in Finnish).

Application Deadlines of the Faculty

  • The main application process for BA and MA degree studies is organized yearly in the late spring (March-April) 
  • The application process for the MA Programmes and Pathways is organized yearly in the early spring (January-March)
  • Do check the Admission Guide for application deadlines, which may vary yearly.

Application Procedure

  • Application Procedure for BA and MA Degrees
    • The online application opens at the start of the application period at the web portal
    • Only electronic applications are accepted!
    • Depending on the target department, the degree study right is granted either on the basis of the combination of the matriculation certificate and the entrance exam or solely on the basis of the entrance exam. 
    • The admitted students automatically obtain the study right to both the BA and the MA degree.
    • All applicants must participate in the entrance exam of the target department. The exception for this is the Cultural Production and Landscape Studies at the Pori Campus, as the students of this target degree will be chosen solely on the basis of diploma without an entrance exam.
  • Application Procedure for MA Programmes and Pathways
    • In addition to the main application process, the study right may be obtained through a separate application system.
    • In the separate application system, the study right to either BA or the MA degree may be obtained on the basis of the applicant's previous university degree. 
    • Therefore this application system is only applicable to those applicants who have completed a previous BA or MA degree in an other university or a polytechnic, or who have completed studies at the Open university, or want to transfer to the University of Turku from an other university.

Alternative ways to complete university level studies in the field of Humanities

These studies do not result in a degree, instead the student is granted a course or module specific study right.

University-level studies are also available

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Additional information about applying, admission, target departments, entrance exams and dates is available

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