Asko Nivala, PhD

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My research focuses on early nineteenth-century Romanticism in Germany and England. I defended my doctoral dissertation in 2015 about the themes of the Golden Age and the Kingdom of God in Friedrich Schlegel's early Romantic philosophy of history. A monograph based on that study was published in March 2017 with the title The Romantic Idea of the Golden Age in Friedrich Schlegel's Philosophy of History (New York: Routledge 2017). In addition to that, I have studied the spatiality of thought and concepts, about which I co-edited the book Travelling Notions of Culture in Early Nineteenth-Century Europe (New York: Routledge 2016) together with Hannu Salmi and Jukka Sarjala.

In 2017–2019, I will be working as a postdoc at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies with the project Romantic Cartographies. Lived and Imagined Space in English and German Romantic Texts, 1790–1840Moreover, I am a part-time researcher in the consortium Computational History and the Transformation of Public Discourse in Finland​, 1640–1910 supervised by Hannu Salmi (Academy of Finland, 2016–2019). In my other publications and conference papers, I have studied metaphors, humour, games, cosmopolitanism, and the grotesque during the age of Romanticism and in historiography in general. My other research interests include the theoretical discussion on digital humanities, posthumanism and new materialism.



Edited books

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