Researchers & Coordinators

Heta Aali, MA

Email: heta.aali[at]

"Research interests: Culture history of France, French Historiography from the Early Middle Ages to 19th Century and Gender history."



Ilana Aalto, PhD

Email: ilana.aalto[at]

"My research interests include family and gender history, fatherhood, Critical Studies on Men, and material culture."  




Anu-Hanna Anttila, Doctor of Social Sciences, Docent

Email: anantti[at]

"Professional interests: Everyday life and time use, Historical sociology and social history, Social and cultural theory, Qualitative methods and Work life, leisure and holiday."  



GusBor_profile_150px (2).jpgGustavo Borchert, MA / MMus

Email: gustavo.borchert[at]

"My current interests are the approach to the body and space-time in performance in a broad sense (artistic and everyday life) from a symbolic, ritualistic perspective, in the context of the 1800s and post-Fordism; as well as the symphony orchestra as a contemporary institution."


Teija Försti, PhD

Email: teija.forsti[at]

Research interests: history of traffic, transport and mobility, material culture, urban history and spatiality.

Heidi Hakkarainen, PhD

Email: heidi.hakkarainen[at]

"My research interests include urban history, humour, spatiality, nineteenth-century popular culture and modernity."  




Niko Heikkilä.jpgNiko Heikkilä, MA

Email: njheik[at]

- "My doctoral dissertation examines cultural production and the politics of race, focusing on the Klan, the Black Panther Party, and the FBI's counterintelligence from 1964 to 1971. My research interests include social movements in the U.S, as well as issues of social control and repression, race politics and popular culture, and the interaction between politics and (popular) culture."


Benita Heiskanen, PhD

Email: benita.heiskanen[at]

"My research interests include the United States-Mexico border region, U.S. ethnoracial minorities, and popular culture. Theoretically, I'm interested in the urban geography of space and place as well as issues of interdisciplinary and multimethodological research."  



Annikka_150px.jpgAnnikka Immonen, MA

Email: ankono[at]

"My research interests include a cultural history of ageing, oral history and Study of Culture, Health and Well Being."  




Teemu Immonen, PhD

Email: teemu.immonen[at]

"I'm widely interested in history of the Middle Ages."  





Suvi-Sadetta Kaarakainen, MA

Email: susaka[at]


Kari Kallioniemi, PhD, Docent, University Lecturer
Email: kari.kallioniemi[at]
"My research interests include history of popular culture."

Maiju Kannisto, MA

Email: maiju.kannisto[at]

"My research interests include media history, television studies and consuming culture."




Suvi Karila, MA

Email: suvi.karila[at]

"Research interests: cultural history of irreligiousness (especially in the context of the 19th century U.S.), gender history."



Elina Karvo-2-lowres.jpgElina Karvo, MA

Email: ejkarv[at]

“My research interests include popular culture studies, history of friendship, film history, studies on men and masculinities and Sherlock Holmes. My PhD research focuses on men´s friendships in British TV series set in past, produced in the 1980s and early 1990s.”

Lauri Keskinen, PhD

Email: lauri.keskinen[at]

"My research interests focus on the history of sports, socialization and the working class movement."  


Harri_K_150px.jpgHarri Kiiskinen, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: harri.kiiskinen[at]

"My research interest include: Economic systems of premodern cultures, Transport and trade in the ancient Roman world, The use of GIS in analysis of economic practices, GIS/Database/CAD applications in archaeology and Classical archaeology in the 18th century." 


Pekka Kolehmainen, MA

Email: pmkole[at]

"My main research focus is on the cultural conflicts and
rock music controversies in the United States during the 1980s and the 1990s. My broader interest lie in the fields of popular culture studies and North American studies, with emphasis on the cultural processes of Reagan-era U.S.A., audiovisual and digital media cultures, and game studies."



Kimi Kärki, PhD

Email: kierka[at]

"Research interests: History of Popularculture, Rock Music and History of Religions."  



Liisa Lagerstam, PhD

"My research interests include early modern way of life, aristocratic men and material culture."  




Rauno Lahtinen, PhD

Email: rauno.lahtinen[at]

"My interests include environmental and urban history and the history of Turku."  



Riitta Laitinen, PhD, Docent in Cultural History, Academy Research Fellow in Academy of finland

Email: riitta.laitinen[at]

"My research interests include spatiality and people's everyday environment, urban history, early modern culture and aboriginal peoples."  



liisa lalu_150px.jpg
Liisa Lalu, MA
Email: lhlalu[at]

"Research interests: cultural history of 1960s and 1970s, social movements, gender history and oral history."

Otto Latva​, MA

Email: otto.latva[at]

"Research interests: history of emotions, how animals were seen and interpreted in the past, encountering the unknown, sea as a historical concept and oral history."  


Niina Lehmusjärvi, MA

Email: niina.lehmusjarvi[at]

"I am a PhD student in Cultural History and writing my PhD dissertation about female iron works owners in eighteenth-century Sweden."I am a PhD student in Cultural History and writing my PhD dissertation about female iron works owners in eighteenth-century Sweden."



Tom Linkinen, PhD

Email: tom.linkinen[at] 

"My research interests are medieval same-sex sexuality and cultural history of late medieval England."  



Heta Lähdesmäki, MA 

Email: hailah(at)

"Research interests: Human–wolf power relationship, otherness, animal agency and animals in history."

Reija Lång, MA

Email: reija.lang[at] 

"My research interests include cultural history of writing and literary authorship, gender history, microhistory, history from below, self-culture and autodidacts, life writing as well as biographical/case studies in history."   

Heta Mulari, PhD

Email: heta.mulari[at] 

"My research interests include youth and girlhood studies, film history and history of feminism."  



Rami Mähkä, PhD
Email: rami.mahka[at] 

"My main research interest is cultural history of popular culture, and especially post-war British popular culture."  


Annastiina Mäkilä, MA

Email: aemaki[at]


Asko Nivala, PhD

Email: asko.nivala[at] 

"My research area covers the age of Romanticism and the philosophy of history. My other research interests include digital humanities, posthumanism and new materialism."  

Mila Oiva, MA

Email: milaoiv[at] 

"I'm interested in Eastern Europe, Cultural history of economy and working life." 


Anne Ollila, PhD

Email: aollila[at] 

"Research interests: Gender History, Concept of time, History of Everyday life, Microhistory and Methodology of Culture history."    

Petri Paju, PhD, Research Fellow

Email: petri.paju[at] 

"Research interests: history of technology and culture, in particular technology and nationalism, the history of computing and science and technology policy."  


Anna-Leena Perämäki, MA

Email: alpera[at] 

"My research interests include cultural history of writing, autobiographical sources, women and children in the Holocaust and daily life in WWII."  


Lauri Piispa, PhD
Email: lauri.piispa[at] 

"My research interests include history of Russian cinema, 20th century Russian's cultural history, history of silent film."  

Heli Rantala, PhD

Email: heli.rantala[at] 

"Research interests: 19th century Finnish intellectual history, theory of history and writing of history in the 19th century, conceptual history."  


Marika Räsänen, PhD

Email: marras[at] 

"My research interests include hagiography, religious movements and urban history."  


Juhana Saarelainen, MA

Email: jksaar[at] 

"My related and other research interests include 18th and 19th century; history of ideas, enlightement and romanticism; history of philosophy and philosophy of history."  


Anu Salmela, MA

Email: anelsal[at] 

"My research interests include gender history, posthumanism, history of medicine, history of suicide and history of death."  


Hasan Fuat-Sari, Lic. Phil.

Email: hassarl[at] 

"Research and teaching: Artists in diaspora, exile, immigration culture and part of Finnish culture."  


Jukka Sarjala, PhD

Email: juksar[at] 

"My current interests are early Romanticism and Gothic, the intellectual and cultural history of the early nineteenth century as well as issues pertaining to aesthetics and sensuousness."  




Karoliina Sjö, MA

Email: kamasj[at]

"My research interests include autobiographical sources (such as diaries), biographical research, connections between life and narration, cultural history of writing, gender history and girlhood studies. I’m also interested in creative and participatory research methods.”




Annakaisa Suominen, PhD

Email: ankasu[at] 

"Research interests: gestures, manners, hand hygiene, microbes."  


Kirsi Tuohela, PhD

Email: kirsi.tuohela[at] 

"My research interests include history of childhood, women and gender history, cultural history of writing, autobiographies, cultural history of psychiatry and mental illness."   




Valtteri Viljanen, PhD

Email: valvil[at]

Home page:
"I am interested in the history of philosophy, especially in the connection between ethics and metaphysics in Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche."


Reima Välimäki, PhD

Email: rsmval[at]

"In addition to late medieval history, I'm interested in medievalism and historiography of the Middle Ages."