Teaching Staff

Hannu Salmi, PhD, Academy Professor

My research as Academy Professor (2017-2021) concentrates on viral culture in early nineteenth-century Europe. My interests include also digital history and digital humanities, nineteenth-century cultural history, Wagner and Wagnerism, history of film and television, and the history of emotions and the senses.

Email:  hansalmi[at]
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Marjo Kaartinen, PhD, Docent, Professor, Head of the Department

I teach various courses and seminars, including research seminar with Hannu Salmi and I lead a research group on premodern cultural history. My research interests in cultural history include: early modern British Isles, women's history, gender history, history of corporeality, illness, and especially breast cancer, attitudes towards children's death, history of monasticism and racism in Finland.

Email:  marjo.kaartinen[at]



Marja jalava, PhD, Docent, Professor 

Email: marja.jalava[at]



Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, PhD, University Lecturer

Research interests: cultural history of women's writing, literary history, gender history, biographical research, auto/biographical sources.

Email:  maales[at]


Sakari Ollitervo, Lic. Phil., University Teacher

Research interests: historical theory, hermeneutics, history of ideas from the Enlightenment to 20th century

Email:  artolli[at]


Paavo Oinonen, PhD 

(on leave 2017-2018)

Email: paavo.oinonen[at] 

Research interests: history of broadcasting, especially the study of radio programmes and intermediality.


 Meri Heinonen, PhD, University teacher


Marika Räsänen, PhD, University teacher


Hanne Koivisto, Lic. Phil., Lecturer (Open University)

I teach methodology classes in Finnish at the Department of History and Open University, evening classes and network courses at basic level. My research interests include political, particularly leftwing culture (journalists, writers, artists), leftist intellectuals in the 1930' and 1940's, as well as intellectuals who have been persecuted on political grounds.

Email: hanne.koivisto[at]