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Cultural History covers the development of Western civilisation from the Antiquity until the present day, emphasising historical and holistic perspectives. Cultural History examines people's habits, activities and the plans according to which they constructed their lives and interacted with their environment. Thus, the studies do not focus on high culture alone. Rather, equal importance is given to studying the history of everyday life, of different mentalities and popular cultures. In our relatively young discipline, methodology is another important focus of attention aiming to provide students with an understanding of the interrelations between different domains of culture and thus to construct an overall picture of the past and of different historical periods. Cultural History should not, then, be seen as categorising distinct cultural sciences. Rather, it integrates the different fields of culture on a temporal dimension.

Because of the extensive span of interests, we have always been ready to accept new ideas and approaches in order to create a student-friendly atmosphere. Our active and helpful staff and the constant re-evaluating and improving of our courses and study programs has also ensured the continuing popularity of cultural history among students. Students of Cultural History can, to a great degree, plan the content of their studies themselves. Accordingly, it is possible for students to start specialising, for instance, in the cultural history of a specific country or historical period already in their Basic Studies. They can also choose to acquire a broad overview of Cultural History in general. The feedback from students plays an important role in planning and developing courses. Such participation also helps the students make the most of their studies.

Although much of the teaching is in Finnish, we regularly organise courses in English. For further details, please see Faculty of Humanities. For information on specificl courses, please contact our staff directly. In organising English courses, we cooperate with two different Master's Programmes, European Heritage, Digital Media and Information Society and Baltic Sea Region Studies. We also offer a Master's Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies in Englishin co-operation with the Departments of Media Studies and Musicology. 




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