Kirsi Tuohela, PhD, Adjuct Professor (Docent)

I am cultural historian interested in various kinds of autobiographical texts from letters and diaries to published autobiographies. I have written about cultural history of childhood, history of women’s writing, cultural history of psychiatry, history of melancholia. My monograph (PhD thesis) analyzed women’s autobiographical texts on melancholia in the late nineteenth century Scandinavia.

 At the moment I have two reseach areas that interest me most; one of them is written madness – mental illness in Finnish autobiographies and novels. The other focuses on the ‘inner child’ in Finnish autobiographical literature. This is a part of a research project Fragile Subjects. Childhood in Finnish Literature and Medicine, 1850s-2000s, funded by the Academy of Finland. (2013-2016) that I work in together with Jutta Ahlbeck, Päivi Lappalainen and Kati Launis.

2015 we have together with Jutta Ahlbeck and Annastiina Mäkilä formed a research group "Difficult Happiness" to investigete the recent history of modern depression in Finland.