​Gender Studies at the University of Turku

Gender Studies at the University of Turku is a unit under the Faculty of Humanities and its School of History, Culture and Arts Studies. The special focus of the Department is on humanities - aesthetic subjects, history, cultural studies.

The Department of Gender Studies was orginally called The Centre for Women's Studies and it was founded in 1995. However, courses in Women's Studies have been taught since the mid 80s. The programme in Gender Studies aims at an interdisciplinary approach in both teaching and research. The aim is to give students a broad knowledge of feminist methodology and theory. The fields of research are in cultural and social studies. The teaching is given mainly in Finnish.

Gender Studies co-operates with The Institute of Women's Studies at Åbo Akademi University in planning courses in English which then are open to students from both universities. Despite this, exchange students of Turku University who attend courses at The Institute of Women's Studies at Åbo Akademi University, must register as students at Åbo Akademi University separately.
If you want to know more about Women's and Gender Studies generally in Finland, Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki offers some good links in English. We recommend also HILMA - the University Network for Gender Studies.
The Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies is taking applications starting on December 1, 2016. The studies start in autumn 2017.

There are no courses or teaching available on postgraduate level. Please see the web pages of the Doctoral Programme Juno for information about postgraduate studies at the School of History, Culture and Arts.


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Gender Studies

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