Tuomas Auvinen
I graduated with an MA in musicology from the University of Helsinki in 2012. In my master’s thesis, I studied record production as a process and the role of the producer by combining interviews and music analysis. I joined the staff of the musicology department at the University of Turku in 2013.
I’m currently working on my doctoral dissertation, “The Producer as a Creative Agent: Studio production, Technology and Cultural Space in Three Case Studies”. In the dissertation I conduct three case studies on different music production projects: a home studio production, a classical production and a commercial studio production. Methodologically I combine ethnographic field work and musical close listening. My aim is to produce new information about record production as a cultural process and increase understanding especially about classical music production by comparing different production settings with one another. Due to the technological nature of record production, my study also enhances understanding of how technology and its development affects culture and cultural processes.
I give presentations on my research on a regular basis in Finland and abroad. I have also published articles on the agency of the ‘tracker’-producer and on the home studio in the Yearbook for Finnish Ethnomusicology and on the Journal on the Art of Record Production. I have also taught courses on the cultural study of music production and I’m currently working on a book chapter which will be a part of an international comprehensive handbook on the academic study of music production. I have been funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Otta A. Malm Foundation and the Finnish Education Fund.
Auvinen, Tuomas (Forthcoming) "Role Delineation in the Music Production Process in Different Eras of Music Production". TBA

Auvinen, Tuomas (Forthcoming) "Ohjatun oppimispäiväkirjan käyttö opetuksen kehittämisen sekä formatiivisen arvioinnin välineen luentokurssin aikana" Yliopistopedagogiikka 2/2017.
Auvinen, Tuomas (2017) "A New Breed of Home Studio Producer - Agency and the Idea 'Tracker' in Contemporary Home Studio Music Production". Journal on the Art of Record Production. 11/2017. 
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