Recent Publications

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Benita Heiskanen​: "Imagi(ni)ng Urban Transformation in Post-Détente Havana." Special issue, Kaupunkikuvitelmat ja urbaani arki – City Imaginings and Urban Everyday Life, WiderScreen 1-2/2018.

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Anna Kronlund: "Debate Over Evolving Partnership - Case of Finland." In: ​Finland, Sweden & Nato: Did Trump Change Everything? (ed. Jaan Siitonen). Karis: The European Liberal Forum, 2017.

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Reetta Humalajoki: "What Is It to Withdraw?": Klamath and Navajo Tribal Councils' Tactics in Negotiating Termination Policy, 1949-1964. Western Historical Quarterly, 48:4, 2017. 415-438.

Anna Kronlund: Republican Government in the United States: Its Implications for US Foreign Policy. FIIA Working Paper 99, 2017.​

Special Issue: Popularizing Politics: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Edited by Benita Heiskanen & Albion M. Butters.  European Journal of American Studies, 12:2, 2017.

Thematic issue: Disrupting Insecurities: Grassroots Interventions in North America. Edited By Benita Heiskanen & Samira Saramo. Comparative American Studies An International Journal, 14:3-4, 2016.​