Participation in Courses

Students of the University of Turku

All official degree and exchange students of the University of Turku have the right to take courses at the CeLCS. However, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind.

The courses can only take a limited number of students and those who have not signed up in time, will not be able to participate. If unsure, please contact the teacher.

Students of other faculties have priority over students of Turku School of Economics which has its own Unit for Languages and Business Communication.

Some of the courses are obligatory for both Finnish and/or international degree students. In such cases the exchange students will be granted the right to study only if there is still place in the class. Such courses are, for example, some of the faculty-specific courses.

 For all official degree and exchange students of the University of Turku the courses at the CeLCS are free of charge. However, there is usually a fee for the course material.

Outside Students

Outside degree students, who study at another university or at a university of applied sciences, may apply for the right to study at the Language Centre of the University of Turku through the so called JOO-study program. To know more about JOO-studies, please contact your home university or visit

Visiting students, outside exchange students and others who are interested may apply for courses arranged at the CeLCS by filling in the Application for non-degree studies. Please see this page for the application form and further information including fees. Åbo Akademi exchange students are exempt from the fee.

PLEASE NOTE! It is not possible for JOO- or non-degree students to apply for the following courses: Finnish for Foreigners: Beginners courses I & II, Intensive Beginners Course, Survival Course

Japanese: it is not possible for other than degree students of the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi to participate in any of the Japanese courses.