Daniel Opoku Acquah

Postdoctoral Researcher, LL.D.

Faculty of Law
20014 University of Turku

Phone: +358 29 450 4404, +358 50 309 5817





Daniel Acquah is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Turku. He has master’s degrees in criminology and in law and (double) doctoral degrees in law. His research interest and teaching focuses on international and European intellectual property law and policy, pharmaceuticals, world trade law, post colonialism and development.

Acquah collaborates on the Constitutional Hedges of Intellectual Property project funded by the Academy of Finland and the Digital Disruption of Industry project funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland. He has previously also collaborated on the eCoherence project funded by the Academy of Finland.

He has spent research periods at leading international intellectual property law and European Union law research sites such as the Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and the Institute for European Studies (IES). He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and seminars.  In April 2013, he was an Erasmus visiting scholar at the University of Szeged, Hungary, where he taught on the comparative law course. Since spring 2015, he is a visiting lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland. In 2016, he was invited to teach international intellectual property law at the IES and at the Hanken School of Economics. Acquah supervises and co-supervise masters and bachelor students working on topics linked to his research interest.

Responsible teacher: Foundations of International and European Intellectual Property Law .
Teacher: Advanced Studies in Law and Information Society.


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*Re-published in Issue 10 of GRUR International (2015) as editor’s choice of excellent article.

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