Juha Lavapuro

Professor of Public Law

Faculty of Law
FIN-20014 University of Turku

Phone: +0358 9 450 2129, +358 40 775 5190





Juha Lavapuro got his LL.D from University of Turku in 2011. In addition, he holds an LL.M. from New York University. Before returning to Faculty of law, he worked as an associate professor of public law (tenure track) at the School of Management of the University of Tampere. In 2013, he worked as visiting fellow at the European University Institute, Florence.

Juha Lavapuro's research interests have focused on constitutional and human rights, comparative constitutionalism and constitutional theory. His earlier publications have covered issues such as new forms of judicial review, critique of judicial review, and constitutional managerialism. After doctoral thesis, his research has focused on fundamental rights aspects of electronic surveillance, security and information society.

As a professor in Public law, he participates in the strategic multi-disciplinary area of research at the University of Turku "Digital Futures". He is also currently the principal investigator of Finnish Academy funded research project Legislated Security and the Impact of European and Constitutional Rights (2015-2017) which analyzes the development of surveillance related jurisprudence in European courts. He is also the leader of TEKES-funded research project ”Making MyData Real”. (2017-2018)

Juha Lavapuro works as an expert in the Finnish team of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency's multidisciplinary research network FRANET. He is member of Equality and non-discrimination tribunal of Finland, and a member of the board of Finnish association of constitutional law. He is also one of the regularly heard experts of the Constitutional Law Committee of Parliament.

Juha Lavapuro is responsible teacher for three courses related to the Law and Information Society Master's Degree Programme (Advanced Studies leading to Master's thesis, Specialization Course and Introductory Course) and is also the director of the Master´s Programme.

List of Publications

Recent publications:

Lavapuro Juha, Ojanen Tuomas, Scheinin Martin (2016): Intermediate Constitutionalism – Good in theory, unworkable in practice. in Paris & Bell (eds.): Rights-Based Constitutional Review: Constitutional Courts in a Changing Landscape, Edward Elgar 2016.

Cayford, M., van Gulijk, C., Krempel, E., Lavapuro, J., Ojanen, M. M-T., Scheinin, M., Guelke, J., McCabe, H., Sorell, T. & Sperber, S.: SURVEILLE D2.9 Consolidated survey of surveillance technologies. 2015 Brussels.

Gulijk Coen van, Cayford Michhelle, Kooij Bert-Jan, Martin Scheinin; Mathias Vermeulen, Lavapuro Juha, Tuomas Ojanen, Jonathan Andrew, Douwe Korff, John Guelke, Tom Sorell, Katerina Hadjimatheou. (2014). SURVEILLE Paper Assessing Surveillance in the Context of Preventing a Terrorist Act. Brussels: EC.

Guelke John, Sorell Tom,Hadjimatheou Katerina, Scheinin Martin, Andrew Jonathan, Lavapuro Juha, Ojanen Tuomas, Porcedda Maria Grazia, Vermeulen Mathias, McNeill Brian, Gulijk Coen van, Sillem Simone, Lin Pei-Hui, Kooi Bert. (2013). Matrix of Surveillance Technologies : Surveille Deliverable 2.6. Brussels: Seventh Framework Programme.

Lavapuro, Juha 2012: Perusoikeusargumentaation kontrolloitavuudesta [On the controllability of fundamental rights argumentation. In Heinonen & Lavapuro (eds.): Oikeuskulttuurin eurooppalaistuminen. [Europanization of Legal Culture]. Suomalainen lakimiesyhdistys: 143-178

Lavapuro, Juha, Ojanen Tuomas & Scheinin Martin 2011: Rights-Based Constitutionalism in Finland and the Development of Pluralist Constitutional Review. International Journal of Constitutional Law (2011) 9 (2): 505-531.

Lavapuro, Juha 2010. Uusi perustuslakikontrolli. [New Constitutional Review] Suomalainen lakimiesyhdistys. (doctoral thesis, 300 p.)

Lavapuro, Juha 2010: Valtiosääntöinen managerialismi ja perusoikeudet. [Constitutional managerialism and fundamental rights] Oikeus 2010:1: 6-27.

Lavapuro, Juha – Ojanen, Tuomas 2010: Thematic Legal Study on Assessment of Data Protection Measures and Relevant Institutions, Finland. Prepared for EU's Fundamental Rights Agency as a background material for EU-wide comparative analysis on Data protection.