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The library has arranged exhibitions on different subjects along the years:
1985 Book exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of students’ associations
1993 Book exhibition: Little My
1995 Exhibition on book donors: Free Nation’s Gift to Free Science
2003 Slovenia exhibition
2005 Exhibition on the 300-year-old almanack
2009 Exhibition: Charles Darwin 200 Years, Theory of Evolution 150 Years
2011 Vox populi – Yes, the People Know! Parliamentary Election – Elections Posters and Literature over the Years

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You can likewise utilize applications and programming, for example, Google Calendar®, MS Outlook® and Business Calendar. Pick a planning device that suits your circumstance, the current structure of your activity, your own taste, and your financial plan.

The most critical thing while picking your organizer is that it gives you a chance to enter information effortlessly, and enables you to see a suitable range of time (day/week/month) in the level of detail that you require.

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