Quality Management

Quality Management and Quality Work in the University of Turku described in our Quality Manual

The aim of the University of Turku quality management is to:

  1. support and ensure the realization of the objectives and vision set in the Strategy of the University;
  2. guide the operation with sufficiently exact and real-time monitoring and evaluation information;
  3. improve the quality of the University’s operating processes and free the academic staff’s working time for the basic missions; and
  4. make the central principles and the high quality of the University’s operation visible.
  5. The University’s quality management tool is its quality system.

The University's quality management tool is its quality system.

The steering group of the quality management at the Faculty is in charge of the coordination and development of our quality management. The Chair of the steering group is the Dean of the Faculty. 

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Päivi Salonen
+ 358 50 435 1268

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