Research Tracks at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers three research tracks for the medical students at the University of Turku: the Biomedical Research Track, the Clinical Research Track and the Nursing Science Research Track. Choosing a research track, the students will grasp the basics of scientific research and have an opportunity to learn in practice during the so-called rotation period. A major part of the theoretical study module required as part of the doctoral training will be completed during a research track.

There are two research tracks in the medical field. The Biomedical Research Track focuses on basic and applied medical sciences, including disciplines such as immunology, reproductive medicine, receptor biology and microbiology. The Clinical Research Track offers education in clinical methodology and essential research areas of clinical medicine.

On the Nursing Science Research Track, the students will deepen their knowledge of essential scientific studies, research questions and methodology in the field of Nursing Science and gain skills to begin their doctoral thesis.

The education in the research tracks is mainly given in Finnish language, as it is given for the degree of Licentiate in Medicine and Licentiate in Dentistry.