Information for Exchange Students

Exchange arrangements

Exchange students come to the University of Turku through exchange programmes such as ERASMUS, NORDPLUS and ISEP. Other ways of making the studies possible at the Faculty are for example applying for a CIMO scholarship or gaining the right for studies via a bilateral agreement between the home institution and the University of Turku.

Courses at the Faculty of Medicine

Erasmus Placement, Praktische Jahre

In Erasmus Work Placement a student willing to go on a work placement find their own host organisation. The hosting organization must be located within an EU or ETA/EFTA country. Different public or private bodies and enterprises qualify as hosts. 

The students with the Erasmus Placement status do not have a student status at the University of Turku.

At the moment Faculty of Medicine have more applicants from the universities with the agreements than we have placements. Therefore we are unable to take any student outside the agreements either doing the Erasmus placement or doing practical year.

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How to apply

For the  application instructions, the course information, deadlines and forms please see the website of the International Office


FiMSIC exchanges

FiMSIC (Finnish Medical Students' International Committee) is a National Member Organization (NMO) of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). This means that it only arranges exchanges through the IFMSA.

To apply for an IFMSA exchange, you need to contact the officers of your own NMO first. They will tell you how the application process works in your NMO. You can find the contact information of your own NMO here: