Use of animals and ethics
Society tends to control and ensure by legislation that animals do not suffer unnecessarily.

The researchers must always justify the necessity of the study, choose and perform all procedures so as to cause minimum pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm to the animal. Procedures that involve serious injuries that may cause severe pain (surgery) shall not be performed without anesthesia and post-operative analgesia should be provided. Animals must be euthanised in a humane manner, with minimum pain, suffering and distress.
The government appoints the project authorisation board that processes project authorisations. The authorisation to carry out a project involving animal experiments is granted only when:
  • the project has an approved purpose and there is no other scientifically reliable practical method to achieve the desired result without the use of animals
  • the expected benefit from the project to humans, animals or the environment is in an ethically justifiable considering the harm caused to the animals
  • the project is planned so as to enable procedures to be performed in the most humane and environmentally sensitive manner possible
  • the number of animals used in the project is reduced to a minimum without compromising the objectives of the project.