Requirement of the facilities
The unit (or breeder, supplier and/or user) must:
Have the necessary number of competent staff familiar with the practiced activities and their requirements.
Designate an animal welfare body including the person responsible for the facility, a designated veterinarian and at least one representative of science.
Keep records on the species and the number of animals that are bred, acquired, supplied or used in the procedures; names and addresses of the suppliers and recipients of animals and dates on which the animals have been acquired or supplied; the origin of the animals; medicines administered to the animals; and the species and numbers of animals which have died or been euthanized as well as the cause of death when known.
Keep records on projects – the animals which were used in them and the actual severity of the procedures performed on them.
Keep records concerning veterinary care.
If there are animals or micro-organisms whose genome has been modified artificially, operation authorisation must be obtained from the Gene Technology Board.