Supervision by Authorities

The Regional State Administrative Agencies oversee the compliance with legislation in their respective regions. On the local level, the authorities responsible for controlling animal welfare include municipal veterinarians, municipal health protection control officers, and the police.

Facilities carrying out animal experiments are monitored by the Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Authorisations for animal experiments are granted by the Animal Experiment Board appointed by the Government, which carefully assesses each individual application. Animal experiments may only be performed for essential or important reasons, and the expected benefits must justify any harm that may be inflicted on the animals involved.
Animal experiment establishments and the performance of experiments are supervised by the Regional State Administrative Agencies. Animal experiment establishments must have suitable premises and equipment as well as staff with the necessary professional skills. Detailed records must be kept by animal experiment establishments and their staff on their animals and how they are used, and this information must be duly submitted to the relevant Regional State Administrative Agency.