Using animals in experiments
If it is possible to achieve the desired result with some other means, the animal experiments must be replaced even in part with some other scientifically reliable method that does not require the use of an animal, or with a method which allows reducing the total number of animals or the pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm caused to the animals concerned.
Animal experiments may be carried out only with authorisation granted by the Animal Experiment Board.

If your study does not include procedures, you do not need an authorisation from the ELLA board, but you must inform your animal unit about the use of animals.
Authorisation is mandatory when
·         the experiment causes the animal a level of pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm equivalent to or higher than caused by the introduction of a needle in accordance with good veterinary practice.
·         procedures performed on unconscious anesthetised animal 
·         any intended action that is liable to result in the birth or hatching of an animal
·         the creation and maintenance of a genetically modified animal line.
Project authorisation is not required when:
  • the animal is euthanised in an acceptable way in order to sample its tissue
  • taking samples for health monitoring or disease diagnostics
  • determining the genetic quality of the animal
  • the animal is marked in an acceptable way
  • performing veterinarian procedure.