Nursing science in the University of Turku is a part of health sciences. The goal of nursing science is to produce knowledge for empowering patients and their families, professionals and population from the perspective of health and well-being.
In the field of nursing science, we do both basic and applied research.  In basic research, we develop descriptive and explanatory nursing models and theoretical constructions, including concept analyses.  In applied research, we develop and test different working and teaching methods, measurement instruments and practical models to be used in clinical practice, teaching and health care administration. Use of information technology is a central part of research in many areas.
To support the coherence of research profile at the Department of Nursing Science, the research is organized in programmes. In these programmes, led by professors and docents of the Department, also the master's thesis and doctoral dissertations are integrated. 
Research programmes include national and international collaboration together with other nursing and multidisciplinary researchers. We have close connections with health care services and educational organisations in the field. Shared positions among professors at the South-West Hospital District enable a solid collaboration between nursing practice and university.

Our research has been evaluated in 2015 by international authorities, the report of the evaluation can be seen in here.