WellWe - HyväMe
The aim of WellWe/HyväMe project is to develop and evaluate a gamified application for pre-school aged children, their families and healthcare professionals at child health clinics. WellWe was developed in a multidisciplinary team together with target group. WellWe is intended to be used by the families at home and the healthcare professonals at child health clinics/primary health care during the health counseling.

WellWe-intervention is concentrating on promoting family’s healthy nutrition, physical activity and family resources. The feasibility of WellWe-intervention showed positive results and currently we are evaluating the effectiveness of WellWe-intervention at child health clinics (RCT-study, Identifier:CT03278288)
WellWe is part of the project entity called Your JOYce.
WellWe project is funded by research funding granted by Juho Vainio Foundation (Juho Vainion säätiö), TYKS-foundation (TYKS-säätiö), University of Turku and Municipal Federation of Härkätie (Härkätien kuntayhtymä). 

Principal Investigator:
RN, MHSc, Doctoral candidate
Department of Nursing Science
University of Turku