Eurasian Child & Adolescent Mental Health Study (EACMHS)

Principal Investigator in Finland

​​Professor Andre Sourander



Majority of existing research in child and adolescent psychiatry originates from the Western countries, and its’ findings have long been considered to be valid also for the rest of the world. This extrapolation without comparable data is unlikely to present the true picture.
Eurasian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Study (EACMHS) group, a network of researchers and clinicians, was established in 2016 to answer to the need for collaborative research addressing vital issues in child and adolescent psychiatry.
The EACMHS network includes leading child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychology experts from the following 17 countries: Bahrain, China, Finland, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Nepal, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
The overall aim of the group is to conduct cross-cultural, multisite research on well-being and mental health among children and adolescents.



  1. Cross-cultural school children (aged 13-16 years) study investigating prevalence of mental health problems and bullying, and examining the associations of well-being, mental health and help-seeking with risk behaviors.
  2. Among Researchers and mental health professionals from participant countries on various aspects of CAP including available workforce, training and clinical practices, important areas of research and future goals of the collaboration with EACMHS.