Master's Degree Programme in Materials Science

We carry out fundamental research of material properties as well as that of interfaces, surfaces, and nanostructures from both physical and chemical point of view. Applied research focusses on functionalized organic electronics, luminescent materials and porous carriers as well as nanotechnology, superconductivity, and magnetism.


The Master's Degree Programme in Material Science offers the students a study program were chemistry and physics is integrated, and where teaching will cross the traditional borders that usually separate chemistry and physics. A student who has been accepted can choose either the chemistry or the physics track as major, depending on previous qualifications. For each track the study program consists of six parts with the same minimum/maximum number of ECTs: advanced courses, optional studies including Finnish-language studies for non-native Finnish speakers, seminars, mini-projects or special assignments, and the Master of Science thesis. We have kept the number of obligatory courses to an absolute minimum to allow the students a high flexibility in their preferred specialisation.


The Master's Degree Programme in Material Science aims to educate able young scientists to apply the principles of materials science in carrying out engineering or cross-scientific research projects using advanced technologies. Besides that the foreign students will also get an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Finnish culture and society, while native Finnish students can learn from their foreign counter parts. The students will graduate from the program with main subject either Physics or Chemistry. A successful student will have good chances to find interesting jobs at research institutes or in industry.

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"I started my studies in the Fall 2015 in the cross scientific Masters program with chemistry as main subject. I found it easy to get the right information about courses and I appreciate the easy access to teachers and professors. If you stumble into problems people will help you enthusiastically."
Bo Peng
Master's degree student