Information on how the applications are processed

​Handling of applications

Has the application been submitted by the given deadline?

The application form is available at only during the application period. Any other forms of applying than filling in the form online will not be considered. Submitted enclosures will be considered only if the application form has been submitted online by the application deadline.

If the applicant has given false information about his/her educational background to avoid the application fee (collected from students applying based on education completed outsidet the EU/EEA area), the application will not be prosessed.

Is the application complete?

University Admissions Finland (UAF) processes all documents according to the same processing procedures. Documents are processed in two steps:
a) The language skills will be verified and checked that they meet the requirements set by the Faculty.
b) It will be checked that all required educational documents have arrived after which the credentials will be verified.
Due to the large amount of arriving mail, UAF cannot confirm the arrival of individual documents. All mail will be processed in order of arrival and once your documents have been processed you will receive an e-mail notification from the UAF. Once the processing is completed (no matter if complete or incomplete), UAF will forward your application documents to the University for academic assessment. UAF does not take part in the academic assessment and therefore cannot give any information about the admission results.

NB! University Admissions Finland does not accept regular photocopies of educational documents. All educational documents must either be officially certified (attested) by the awarding institution, or legalised. For some countries, there are country-specific document requirements that must be followed first and foremost before any other requirements for document attestation.

In addition, officially certified copies issued by a Finnish Notary Public are accepted.

Please note that officially certified copies issued by notaries public in other countries are not accepted without legalisation

Please see country specific requirements in the way of certifying the copies and submitting the documents.

Does the application meet the admission criteria?

Although all applications are forwarded to the Faculty fo Mathematics and Natural Sciences, only the ones filling the language requirements will be processed further. Similarly, if the level of the previous academic degree is inadequate, the processing will be interrupted.

Is the academic background (previous degree) in line with the sought Degree Programme?

If the applicant meets the admission requirements, and is therefore formally eligible to the programme, his/her application is examined in detail. This means that the degree certificates and transcripts of records are assessed individually by the academics in order to determine whether the profile of the previous studies match the academic requirements of the programme, in other words, if the contents of the previous studies give the applicant the necessary basic knowledge to study at Master's level in the specific programme/track/specialisation field.

Does the applicant's success in the previous studies place the applicant among the top candidates?

If the candidate's previous studies match the academic requirements of the programme, his/her success (the grades obtained) in the previous university studies are examined. There are yearly admission quotas for the programmes, which means that even if a candidate is formally eligible and his/her academic background is suitable for a certain programme, he/she might not be admitted due to the large number of other eligible and more qualified applicants. At this part of the evaluation also the motivation letter plays a big role.

Verification of the authenticity of the application documents

During the processing of the applications, great attention is drawn also to the authenticity of the application documents. The authenticity of all educational credentials and language results are verified. If there are doubts concerning their authenticity, or facts that prove that they are falsifications, the application is rejected on this basis, from the very beginning or during the processing of the applications.
Students admitted on the basis of falsified documents lose their study place and are expelled immediately. Also the Finnish Immigration Service is informed about the cancellation of the study right.

Notification of the admission results

All applicants receive a notification about the outcome of their application by letter through regular air mail. In addition, in the case of the Faculty's Master's Degree Prorgammes, the names of the accepted students are published on the Programme's web site (concerns only those applicants who have given their consent to the publication of their names), as soon as the admission decisions have been made.
The application documents are not returned to the applicants.
Non-admitted applicants, who think that some mistake has been made during the handling of their application, have the right to apply for rectification.
Information about the next application round will be available yearly from October on.