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​Bachelor's stu​die​s

Eligibility for admission is achieved if the applicant has completed secondary education and holds a school-leaving certificate which qualifies him/her to enter an institution of higher education which is considered to be of the same standard as the University of Turku in his/her home country. The language of instruction at the Bachelor' s level is Finnish, and therefore it is also necessary that the applicant is fluent in Finnish.

Master's studies

Applicants holding a Bachelor's degree from a full university (i.e. an institution of higher education offering a doctorate), which formally qualifies the student to access Master level studies, may apply for Master's degree studies in English. The Bachelor's degree must correspond to the level of a Bachelor's degree awarded by a Finnish university in terms of the extent (at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or three years of full-time study). In the applicants are required to demonstrate good skills in English language.

The degrees offered in Master's level are Master of Science (MSc.) and Master of Science in Technology (MSc. (Tech.)). They both are worth 120 ECTS and the targeted completion time of the degree is two years.

Licentiate and Doctoral studies

Applicants for postgraduate studies must have a relevant Master's degree or an equivalent and suitable foreign qualification, which in the country in question would entitle them to a similar level of higher education and which has provided them with sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out postgraduate studies in the field of research. The targeted completion time of doctoral degree is four years.

The degrees offered in postgraduate level are Licentiate of Philosophy, Licentiate of Science in Technology, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science in Technology.

Exchange studies 

It is also possible to study just part of your degree at our Faculty. The University of Turku accepts students for non-degree studies normally under exchange arrangements only.  If you come to Turku through an exchange programme such as ERASMUS, NORDPLUS, ISEP, North-South, north2north, a CIMO scholarship or a bilateral agreement between your home institution and the University of Turku, you are an exchange student. Yearly about 50 students visit the Faculty as exchange students.​​​​​​​​​​



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