Food Chemistry and Food Development

Food Chemistry and Food Development

Food Chemistry was established as a Scientific Discipline in 1970 as a part of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku. The activities of Food Science activities were significantly broadened when the new, international technical Master’s Degree Programme in Food Development (MSc tech) started as part of our Curriculum in 2012. Altogether, hundreds of Master's Degrees and 60 PhD Degrees have been completed from these programs during the past forty years.

Food Chemistry and Food Development are an important part of Natural and Agricultural Sciences worldwide and we develop the future together with significant, international universities and research institutes. Industrial co-operation, in the areas of both basic and applied science, has been a part of our activities since the unit was established. The graduated specialists are employed in various  duties within the society – in Finland and abroad.

In teaching and research, we focus on investigating the bioactive compounds, chemical and biochemical reactions, as well as on the quality factors of foods and their raw-materials. Safety aspects, health effects and sensory properties of foods are also our key interests. Traditionally, we are in the forefront of sustainable utilization and research of Nordic natural resources. Excellent starting point for Food Science studies are education in chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and health disciplines during the Senior High School.​