Molecular Plant Biology

Molecular Plant Biology

Molecular Plant Biology education and research were transferred to the Department of Biochemistry in 2010 but the discipline has existed as long as the "physiological plant science" is taught at the University of Turku. Teaching personnel consists of two professors, one assistant professor, two university lecturers and two university teachers. Personnel with external funding is over 60. Professor Eva-Mari Aro was granted with the title of Academician of Science in 2017.  Molecular Plant Biology has facilities in both Biocity and PharmaCity.

Research in Molecular Plant Biology is focused on understanding the structure, function and regulation of photosynthesis in plants, algae and cyanobacteria. We study cellular components and energy transfer pathways in different photosynthetic systems to identify the roles of photosynthesis in cell metabolism and signaling, development and stress responses, also upon changes in ambient environment. Applied aspects of photosynthesis research include modification of photosynthesis for bioenergy production, waste water treatment and use of photosynthetic organisms as cell factories for the production of valuable compounds. Education of the discipline provide students with a strong backbone in both research of photosynthetising organisms and application of research results for practical purposes such as bio-energy sector and plant biotechnology. Discipline is also responsible for plant biology teaching for Department of Biology as well as for the Molecular Systems Biology track in the Master´s Programme in Digital Health and Life Sciences.