SEE Program
NEW: The SEE has been combined with the seminars in physiology and genetics and this page is no longer updated. See the new program under Seminars in Biology
Autumn 2017: Seminars are either in the Biology Seminar room (Natura) or in XVII  (Quantum) on Tuesdays at 14.15-15.00, but occasionally there are seminars on other days too (these will be noticed separately by email).

(TBA = title to be announced later)
  • Thu 7 Sept Hannah Haynie (Colorado State University): Modeling linguistic diversity: From micro-scale correlates to macro-scale processes. Biology Seminar Room (215) at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 10 Oct Jasper Van doninck (University of Turku): TBA (biodiversity and remote sensing) Biology Seminar Room (215)
  • Tue 7 Nov Michael Briga (University of Turku): TBA (evolutionary ecology)
  • room XVII Quantum
  • Tue 21 Nov SFFF (University of Helsinki): TBA  room XVII Quantum
  • Tue 5 Dec Tutku Aykanat (University of Helsinki): TBA (population genetics) room XVII Quantum

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Spring 2017: There are occasional but no regular seminars in the spring.
  • Mon 20 Feb Thaise Emilio (Kew Botanical Garden London): Palm hyperdominance and decline in Amazonian forests  &   Demétrius Martins (Imperial College London): Cation and functional traits of tropical trees. Biology Seminar Room (215) at 14.15-16.00
  • Wed 15 Feb. Vicencio Oostra (University College London): Plasticity, seasonality and population persistence in a changing climate. Biology Seminar Room (215) at 13.15-14.00

Autumn 2016: Seminars are usually in the Ecology Seminar room on Tuesdays (15.15-16.00), but occasionally there are seminars on other days too (these will be announced separately by email).
(TBA = title to be announced later)
  • Tue 13 Sep. Anna Kuparinen (University of Helsinki): Eco-evolutionary dynamics: from genes to populations and life histories to ecosystems
  • Tue 20 Sep. Risto Kalliola (University of Turku): Puzzling biogeographies of giant clonal grasses in Amazonia: could genetic research methods be useful?
  • Tue 27 Sep. No seminar
  • Tue 4 Oct. Gabriela Zuquim (University of Turku): Challenges and (some) solutions in mapping Amazonian biodiversity
  • Thu 6 Oct. Alexandre Roulin (University of Lausanne): Barn owls metamorphose from a hawk into a dove     Notice earlier time 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 11 Oct. Carly Lynsdale & Martin Seltmann (University of Turku): Individual differences in timber elephants; life-history, parasites and personality
  • Tue 18 Oct. Christie Le Coeur (University of Turku): Life-history strategies in a population of Siberian chipmunks introduced in France
  • Tue 25 Oct. Virpi Lummaa (University of Turku): Natural selection in human populations (TBA) 
  • Thu 27 Octroom XIV in Quantum at 10.15-11.00Indrikis Krams (University of Tartu): Effects of predation: from changes of body content to cooperation among prey
  • Tue 1 Nov. Marjo Saastamoinen (University of Helsinki): Life-history responses to environmental stress in natural populations
  • Tue 8 Nov. Jani Anttila (University of Helsinki): Modelling the incidence of environmentally transmitted infections
  • Tue 15 Nov. Vérane Berger (University of Turku): Senescence and sociality: the example of Alpine marmots (Marmota marmota)
  • Tue 22 Nov. Silva Uusi-Heikkilä (University of Turku): Phenotypic and evolutionary response to size-selective harvesting
  • Tue 29 Nov. Bin-Yan Hsu (University of Turku):  Mother's call or Nature's call: context-dependent effects of maternal yolk testosterone in the rock pigeons
  • Tue 6 Dec. No seminar (public holiday)
  • Tue 13 Dec. Mikko Olin (University of Helsinki): Effects of piscivore fishing and the importance of large females - experimental studies in project KESKALA

Autumn 2015:
  • Tue 22nd Sep. Spiros Papakostas (University of Turku): On integrative taxonomy and eco-evolutionary dynamics: recognizing evolutionary units in herbivore consumers and understanding feedbacks to nutrient limitation.
  • Tue 29th Sep. No seminar
  • Tue 6th Oct. Satu Ramula (University of Turku): Potential mechanisms behind the invasion success of plants
  • Tue 13th Oct. Elina Salmela (University of Helsinki)Selective sweeps in the woods and garden: Genome-wide scanning for positive selection in wolves and dogs
  • Tue 20th Oct.Kari Saikkonen (Natural Resources Institute): Fungal endophytes  - hitchikers of the green world
  • Tue 27th Oct. Suvi Ruuskanen (University of Turku):
    Hormonally-mediated maternal effects in wild bird populations
  • Tue 3rd Nov. Ilkka Kronholm (University of Jyväskylä): Contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to phenotypic plasticity in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa
  • Tue 10th Nov.Outi Savolainen (University of Oulu):Studying genetics of local adaptation of plant populations
  • Tue 17th Nov. Mikael Puurtinen (University of Jyväskylä): On the benefits of mate choice 
  • Tue 24th Nov. Aleksi Lehikoinen (LUOMUS): Recent changes in Finnish and north European bird populations
  • Tue 1st Dec. Markus Öst (Åbo Akademi): Eider sociality, personality and cognition in the face of predation
  • Tue 8th Dec.Christoffer Boström (Åbo Akademi): Patterns and processes in seagrass ecosystems
  • Tue 15th Dec. Otso Huitu (Natural Resources Institute): Vole population cycles - are pathogens drivers or passengers?
Spring 2015: There are occasional but no regular seminars in the spring. Weekly seminars will continue in the autumn.
  • Tue 12th May Morten T. Limborg (Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen): Ecological speciation in salmonid fishes
  • Tue 5th May Simon Segar (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic): From moths to mountains: studies on insect herbivores integrating ecology, phylogeny and chemistry
  • Tue 21st April Hanna Granroth-Wilding (University of Turku):
    Parasites, family conflict and breeding success in a seabird
  • Tue 13th April Teppo Hiltunen (University of Helsinki): Eco-evolutionary dynamics in microbial populations
  • Tue 20th Jan. Charlotta Kvarnemo (University of Turku): Pregnant pipefish males: care and brood reduction
  • Tue 27th Jan. Atso romakkaniemi (LUKE): The incredible recovery of northern Baltic salmon populations: what can we learn about it?


Autumn 2014:

  • Tue 30th Sep. Rob Dunn (North Carolina State University): The Ecology and Evolution of Species Living in Backyards and Toilet Seats, Why We Have Ignored Them and Why They Matter 
  • Tue 7th Oct. Ilkka Hanski (University of Helsinki): Environmental biodiversity, human microbiota and inflammatory disorders. Please note the change in the location of the seminar: Lecture hall IX
  • Tue 14th Oct. Merja Elo (University of Jyväskylä): The mechanistic basis of changes in community assembly in relation to anthropogenic disturbance and productivity in peatlands
  • Tue 21st Oct. Ane Laugen (Åbo Akademi): Pacific oysters in Scandinavian waters: history, future and consequences  Cancelled due to sickness
  • Tue 28th Oct. Outi Vesakoski (University of Turku: Biological evolution and linguistic diversification
  • Tue 4th Nov. Henjo deKnegt (University of Turku): Decomposing dispersal movements by Siberian flying squirrels into its component parts
  • Tue 11th Nov. Esa Koskela (University of Jyväskylä): Sex, hormones and conflicts - the secret lives of bank voles

  • Tue 18th Nov. Sami Kivelä (University of Stockholm): Patterns and mechanisms of larval growth of insects
  • Tue 25th Nov. Sami Aikio (University of Helsinki): Analysis of invasion patterns from herbarium records

  • Tue 2nd Dec. Ursula Strandberg (University of Joensuu): Fatty acids in ecology

  • Tue 9th Dec. Veli-Matti Pakanen (University of Oulu): Conservation biology of the Southern Dunlin

  • Tue16th Dec. Rui Lourenco (Laboratory of Ornithology, University of de Evora - Nuclea da Mitra): Causes and consequences of lethal interactions among vertebrate top predators.