Dr. Satu Ramula
I am interested in population ecology and invasive species, and apply demographic models in order to examine population-level consequences of environmental change. I currently work as an Academy Research Fellow and lead the project on "Populations in temporally varying environments" funded by the Academy of Finland.

Contact information
Department of Biology
University of Turku
FI-20014 Turku
e-mail: satu.ramula[at]

Current research themes
• Population responses to environmental change
• Invasive plants and their management
• Plan traits and long-term vegetation change (together with Mikael von Numers, Anne Muola and Sami Aikio)
• Eider demography (together with Markus Öst, Mikael Kilpi, Andreas Lindén and Patrik Karell)

Ongoing activities
• Collection of demographic data to PLANTPOPNET
• Associate editor in Methods in Ecology and Evolution
A member of the science committee for the COMPADRE & COMADRE database project to create an open-access database of matrix population models for both animals and plants from all over the world to facilitate its usage for scientific and teaching purposes. These databases are a repository of demographic data from (mostly) published literature. As the number of published matrix population models (MPMs) grows, so do the opportunities to ask exciting questions about plant and animal demography, ecology, and evolution at a global and cross-taxonomic scale. The underlying motivation behind COMPADRE and COMADRE is to facilitate this research by collecting, digitising, and archiving MPMs at a central repository in a standardised format. 


Aino Kalske

Former postdocs
Christie Le Coeur (2016-2018)
Miia Jauni (2012-2015)
Tapio van Ooik (2013)
Shou-Li Li (2011-2014)
Virve Sõber (2011)