Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Peru
Norma Salinas
Norma is a researcher in plant ecology and the biogeography of the Andes with special emphasis on the impact of plant anatomical and structural traits on the physiology, herbivory and adaptation to altitudinal and climate gradients. Currently, her main focus is to analyse and correlate leaf and wood traits associated with the carbon cycle in tropical forests along an Andes to Amazon transect in Peru by means of an exhaustive collection of data along this altitudinal gradient.
E-mail: nsalinasr[at]

Eric G. Cosio

Eric works in plant biochemistry and physiology, with focus on plant secondary metabolism and its role in interspecific interactions and in food chemistry. His group does research in the biochemistry and chemical ecology of compounds involved in plant protection and defense and how they impact on the environment and in the properties of plant food products for humans. Current projects focus on terpene and other BVOC emissions in tropical forests and food crops, as indicators of physiological condition, and in the postharvest metabolism of glucosinolates and lipids.
E-mail: ecosio[at]