Karen Fey

​Urban ecology and conservation

My main research interests lie in behavioural and population ecology and their application to conservation biology and urban ecology.

The main goal of my previous projects has been to understand how intra- and interspecific interactions influence the behaviour of animals. I studied e.g.  the behavioural changes induced by manipulated intra- and interspecific competition in enclosed vole populations as well as the effect of sibling competition in laboratory bred guinea pig litters. I also investigated the impact of an alien predator, the American mink, on voles on small islands in the Baltic Sea archipelago on the individual, population and ecosystem level, including translocation experiments, laboratory behavioural tests, food supplementation experiments and studying trophic cascades.

Recently I have been more interested in the ecological effects of urbanisation. Currently I’m studying red squirrels in the city of Turku (in collaboration with Vesa Selonen and Timo Vuorisalo). I especially focus on how landscape structure, habitat quality and predator presence affect decision-making and habitat selection during natal dispersal, as well as on genetic analyses aiming to reveal the genetic structure of urban squirrel populations and the mechanism of their urbanisation process.

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Section of Ecology
Department of Biology
FI-20014 University of Turku

 Karen Fey


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