Lise Ruffino

I am an ecologist and interested in many aspects of animal population biology, including e.g. population dynamics and trophic interactions, and in conservation biology. My research focuses on identifying the processes (top-down vs. bottom-up) governing the population size of terrestrial vertebrates, both on islands and in the mainland. Although I am interested to investigate this question on various systems and organisms, I have primarily focused my research on islands hosting invasive mammals with seasonal demographic fluctuations (e.g., rats), and in unproductive arctic tundra systems shaped by small rodent (voles and lemmings) population cycles.

My two current main projects deal with: (i) trophic linkages between the marine and tundra environments: assessing the potential for marine allochthonous subsidies to trigger top-down predation controls of terrestrial tundra trophic webs in subarctic Fennoscandia (in collaboration with Prof. Lauri Oksanen, Prof. Tarja Oksanen and Prof. Erkki Korpimäki); (ii) food limitation in terrestrial vertebrates: using food supplementation experiments and meta-analytic tools to quantify its extent in nature (in collaboration with Dr. Pälvi Salo and Prof. Erkki Korpimäki). I am also still very much involved in the fields of biological invasions and vertebrate pest management and science.

My research often involves intensive field work to collect data and I love it! Research sites have encompassed various regions in the world: Mediterranean islands (France, Tunisia, Sardinia), tropical islands (Indian Ocean), Australia (Sydney Harbour National Park) and northernmost Norway (Joatka Research Area, near Alta).

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