The Public Services of the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is one of the most visible units of the University. Our vision is to spread information about biology to different sectors of society, from governance to communication and from industry to economy.

The Department of Biology participates actively in different forms of social interaction. Each year, over 40 000 visitors, most of whom are school pupils, explore the department’s scientific research and teaching collections (the Botanical Garden and the Zoological Museum). Moreover, the department's staff participate in versatile activities, such as the Children’s University, and popularise science in the form of public lectures, interviews and newspaper articles.

In addition to exhibitions and educational activities, the department also produces multiple services related to education and research. These include, among others, pest assessments, rot fungus inspections in buildings and DNA-based analysis and research services. Some of the services are subject to a charge.

The staffs of the Zoological Museum, the Herbarium and the Botanical Garden answer questions from the public directed to the Department of Biology.