Applying to Study Biology

​The Department of Biology at the University of Turku offers versatile education that is based on scientific research and multiple options for specialisation for those who are interested in different fields of biology. The education gives readiness to apply the scientific theories and research methods to bio and environmental research, expertise and development assignments in research institutes, administration, organisations, communications, businesses and universities, and it prepares the student for doctoral training in the bio and environmental sciences, including the fields that are related to them. The biology education track offers the students a possibility to qualify and work as biology teachers in schools, universities of applied sciences and in other forms of adult education. The Department of Biology is a strong research unit which carries out research from molecules to ecosystems.

The main route to biology studies is through the entrance exams, which can be taken in Finnish or in Swedish. The exams give the right to carry out both Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) studies. At the Department of Biology, the teaching on the B.Sc. level is in Finnish. More detailed information can be found <here> (in Finnish).

Persons who already have a B.Sc. degree in biology may be eligible to carry out M.Sc. studies in International Master's Degree programmes. More information can be found <here>.

The Master’s Degree Programmes at the Department of Biology