Postgraduate Studies

At the Department of Biology of the University of Turku, the students can complete a postgraduate degree graduating as Doctor or Licentiate of Philosophy. The general principles of the doctoral training are laid out on the faculty’s webpages.

The doctoral candidates, who are completing a doctoral degree, always belong to a doctoral programme. Doctoral candidates at the Department of Biology mostly belong to the Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG)​, but some belong to Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences or Doctoral Programme in Molecular Medicine​. More information about the doctoral training and matters related to them (applying for the study right, degree requirements, grants etc.) can be found on the webpages of the doctoral programmes.

The research related to the postgraduate degree (licentiate thesis or doctoral dissertation) is often conducted in the research projects of the department. More information on the projects can be found on the department’s research pages.