​Science is about questions -
chemistry can give the answers 

Our chemistry research aims to solve many practical challenges starting from drugs for humans and animals, new innovative materials to capture solar energy more efficiently and slowing of the climate change by the help of plant defensive chemicals. 

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Chemistry is a very practical branch of science and by its help it is possible to find solutions to many significant problems of the human kind. For example, our research in the department of chemistry seeks currently answers for the following questions: 
- How to capture and strore solar energy more efficiently?
- Can we guide drugs in our organs by attaching chemical address labels into them?
- Can we use plant defensive compounds to slow down the climate change and to decrease the parasite burden of animals?
- How to increase the efficacy of viral drugs to penetrate into the decired action site of the cells?
- Can we produce functional and biocompatible films for sensor-, drug delivery- and bio applications?
- Why every plant species needs to produce its own cocktail of defensive chemicals?

Want to take part in the solving of these problems? Have a closer look at the research that is done by our researchers together with the students by clicking at the Research -button or go directly into the pages of our research groups: 








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