Research groups
Amazon Research Team (UTU-ART)
Multiscientific research group that has activities in tropical America, especially Western Amazonia.​

Coastal Geography Group (UTU-CGG)
Geographical research on natural processes, human activity and information management in coastal areas.​


Fennoscandian Tectonics Study Group
The study group aims at understanding the complex tectonic history of the Fennoscandian bedrock by integrating up-to-date methods and traditional field geology.

Fluvial Research Group
Research Group studies riverine systems and  processes acting within the catchment and in the actual river channels.

Knowledge Creation Processes
Research Group
Studies how knowledge is created in processes through various combinations of space and time.

Lake and Marine Sediment Research Group 
Lake and marine sediments are the high resolution archives of past environmental and climate change.

LegalGeo.jpg Legal Geography Research Group
Studies the constitution of legal and carceral spaces
UTU Tanzania Team
Our collaborative research topics are broadly related to the analysis of human-nature dynamics with landscape and geospatial approaches.

Urban Climate Research Group Urban                                     Climate research with dense observation network and high frequency utilizing GIS methods.


Urban Geography Collective
A group of independent researchers conducting critical urban geography research with at special interest in social and spatial justice