Degree studies
​Studies aiming at the Bachelor's degree are not offered in English (with the exception of certain individual courses).

For the Master's degree, students complete in their major subject the Advanced Studies Module and write a Master's Thesis, known as the pro gradu -thesis. - All foreign students (whose native language is not Finnish), please notice the language requirements.

For Master's and doctoral degrees in astronomy and space physics, please, cf. the website

The teaching and learning methods include attending lectures and demonstrations and/or seminars and reading course literature. So far, most of our courses are given only in Finnish but as plenty of the course material can be found in English,  it will be possible to take some literature exams in English. For this, please, consult the professors.

You'll find detailed course descriptions and teaching schedules as well as course and exam registration in Nettiopsu, in our intranet. Notice that a number of advanced studies courses are to be given biennially.

Please notice that after completing all of your studies, you must apply for the degree at the Faculty.

 Doctoral Programme


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