Regulations Concerning Postgraduate Studies
The requirements on post-graduate (doctoral) education at the faculty of social sciences are described in detail in the faculty’s regulations concerning postgraduate studies.

N.B.! The instructions regarding the doctoral thesis assessment committee have been updated in spring 2017. The updated guidelines are as follows:

The task of the assessment committee is to ensure the fairness of the assessment. The committee consists of a chairperson, opponent(s), reviewer(s) and at least one professor in the discipline or department in question. The committee may include an external expert. The chair of the committee must be a professor in the same discipline or department. The chair must introduce the opponent and other members of the assessment committee in the faculty’s assessment procedure, scale and statutes. The chair must also inform other members of the committee of any other issues or circumstances which may affect the assessment. According to the University of Turku guidelines on bias, the custos may not be the assessment committee’s chair or member.

After consulting the assessment committee, the opponent must provide the faculty with a justified written statement on the thesis within six weeks of the thesis defence. The statement proposes that the thesis is either accepted or rejected and also proposes a grade for a thesis to be accepted. The statement must also present the manner in which the assessment committee has been consulted.