Maija Setälä
Ph.D., Professor

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Political Science
20014-University of Turku
+358 (0) 29 450 2737
+358 (0) 46 923 7859

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University of Turku
Assistentinkatu 7
20500 Turku


Participation in Long-Term Decision-Making 1 September 2017 – 31 August 2021
Participation in Long-Term Decision-Making (PALO) addresses the problem of short-termism in public decision-making and governance. Although there is plenty of information about long-term consequences of human action, this information has limited influence on policy-making. For example, electoral terms arguably shorten politicians’ time spans in representative democracies. As a solution, PALO aims to develop deliberative practices of citizen participation and decision-making. Our point of departure is that policy-making practices should be developed so that future interests are taken better into account. PALO is a multidisciplinary research project that analyzes problems of practices of long-term decision-making, for example, by using experimental methods. It also aims to develop new forms of citizen participation in local and regional governance and land use planning. In addition to University of Turku, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Åbo Akademi University and University of Tampere are involved in PALO consortium.