About us

Research in psychology straddles the borders of several fields of science. Psychology studies human activities and their general principles by asking questions such as the following.

How does the human mind work? How does the brain operate? What is it that makes humans function? Why do humans behave as they do? How does the human mind develop over a lifetime? What causes various emotions? How does human behaviour change when in company? How do the functions of the mind and behaviour vary from one individual to another?

The human mind and human behaviour are studied in all possible walks of life and in a number of different situations: in traffic, in school, in a sports team, and in meetings, as well as in states of depression, happiness, inebriation and anger.

The first university laboratory in psychology in Finland was founded at the University of Turku already when the university was founded in 1922. The laboratory was at the time under the chair of philosophy. Psychology was recognized as a separate section in 1955. Currently the discipline employs 60 - 70 teachers, researchers and other staff. Psychology is the main subject of approximately 300 students, with a total yearly intake of 33.