Admission procedures
Please note that if you need to take a language test or some other test to prove your English language proficiency, you should book it immediately! The test results need to reach University Admissions Finland by the end of the application period.

Application period

In 2017, the application period for international Master’s degree programmes at Turku School of Economics (TSE), University of Turku is December 1, 2016 – January 13 2017 at 15.00 (GMT+2). Late applications will not be processed.

Application procedures

The application must be made through the online -portal. All the enclosures must be mailed via regular (air) mail or by an international courier service to University Admissions Finland.
Applicant may apply for two different Master’s degree programmes in TSE,  if he/she is eligible. If the applicant applies for two programmes, he/she must submit two complete applications including required enclosures for each programme. Only complete applications will be processed.

NB! A degree student of TSE can at one time hold the study right for only one degree at the same level. When a student is granted a second study right by the TSE for a degree at the same level, he / she must renounce his / her earlier degree study right if the degree in question is still incomplete.
All applicants must apply to the programme through the electronic system of -portal. The admission decisions are made by Turku School of Economics, University of Turku.

General requirements

Language Requirements / Proficiency in English

Prospective candidates should have a good level of proficiency in the English language. Applicants are expected to have passed one of the following tests:
  • TOEFL PBT (Test of English, paper-based). Minimum requirement: 575 points
  • TOEFL iBT (Test of English, Internet-based). Minimum requirement: 92 points (each section at least 20 points)
  • CAE/CPE (University of Cambridge Advanced Examination/Proficiency Examination) - - Pass grades A, B or C
  • IELTS ACADEMIC (International English Language Testing System, Academic format) Minimum grade 6,5 (each section at least 6.0)
  • PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English). Minimum requirement: 62 points (Communication skills: each section at least 54 points)
  • The test for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency arranged by the Finnish National Board of Education, Average skill level 5
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Minimum requirement: 520 points.


Note! Check the spesific requirements for each programme on their web site to see which tests are accepted for the Programme you are applying. The tests are not same for all the Programmes!

Please note that scores more than two years old (end of application period) cannot be accepted. 
The test is not required
  • if the candidate holds the required degree in English from one of the EU or EEA countries, or from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the U.S.A. N.B! The language of studying must be indicated on the Degree Certficate and the Degree must have been earned at the time of applying.
  • if the candidate has a minimum grade of cum laude approbatur in English language exam in Finnish matriculation examination (please attach a certified copy of the certificate in the application) (NB! Accepted only for applications for Global Information Technology Management programme and Future Studies programme) or
  • if the candidate is applying based on a Finnish university  degree which includes studies in English language with a minimum grade good (3). (NB! Accepted only for applications for Global Information Technology Management programme)
Please be prepared that it may take several weeks before the test results are published.
All test results must be sent to University Admissions Finland except for GMAT tests which must be sent directly to Turku School of Economics. The TOEFL code for University Admissions is 3138. Photocopies of TOEFL, PTE, GMAT test scores are not accepted. For other tests, please address the test results to University Admissions Finland (or in case of GMAT test, to Turku School of Economics).

Academic requirements

A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognised university is a requirement for all our Master’s degree programmes.
Please note that a Bachelor's Degree awarded in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal must in most cases be of four years length or followed by a Master's Degree to meet the admission requirements.
To find out whether you have the right educational background, please check the specific requirements for each programme!


TSE will not process applications if the requested documents are not received either in Finnish, Swedish or English. All translations need to be official, i.e. issued by home institution, or an officially certified copy of a translation issued by home institution, or translated by an official translator or an officially certified copy of a translation made by an official translator.
All photocopie of educational documents must either be officially certified (attested) by the institution that granted you the documents (i.e. your home university), or legalised. Officially certified copies issued by a Finnish notary public are also accepted. Translations must be official translations, done either by the awarding institution or an official translator.
TOEFL language test and GMAT scores are accepted only if they are received directly from the organisation which administers the test. Other test scores need to be verifiable from the test organiser.
Check the specific Master’s degree programmes for further information on other requirements.
Please see University Admissions Finland's instructions concerning the general requirements for the documents and country-specific requirements.


It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that all of the enclosed documents are valid and genuine. The use of forged or altered documents will lead to the rejection of the applicant.
The application must include all the attachments listed below:
  • A certified copy of your degree certificate from a higher education institution (and an official translation to Finnish, Swedish or English if the document is in some other language)
  • A certified copy of your transcript, which indicates the grading system of the higher education institution (and an official translation to Finnish, Swedish or English if the document is in some other language)
  • The test score of the test you have taken
  • CV: Please use the Europass CV form 
  • A passport photo (not obligatory for applicants with a Finnish Bachelor’s degree)
  • Motivation letter: these questions will be asked in the University Admissions Finland's application template. More detailed information on the content of the motivation letter in each programme is available here.
If available:
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of diploma supplement.
  • A copy of certificate supplement.
For each Master’s degree programme you have applied for, you must submit an online application and a full set of requested enclosures. However, only one language test score is needed. Please note that scores more than two years old cannot be accepted. Also, photocopies of TOEFL, PTE or GMAT  test scores are not accepted, and other test scores need to be verifiable from the test organiser.

Application forms

Applicants will use the electronic system of -portal to apply. The application is filled in and submitted online; applicants are not required to send a printed copy of the application with their documents. Please send all other application documents (attachments) to the University Admissions Finland’s office by mail. Your application documents have to arrive by the given deadline. E-mail attachments will not be accepted. UAF does not process application documents that have arrived after the deadline.

The application template is available only during the application period.
Please send all application documents to the following address:
University Admissions Finland
Unioninkatu 40 C
FI-00170 Helsinki
If you use a courier service please also mark down the University Admissions Finland's phone number +358 29 41 235 28.
Please make sure that your application documents reach University Admissions by the end of the application period. Late applications will not be processed.
University Admissions Finland pre-processes the educational certificates including credential evaluation and verifies your language skills. You will receive an e-mail notification when the documents have been pre-processed. This might take several weeks.  All applications are sent to TSE for student selections. The final decision on admission is done by TSE who will also notify all applicants of the admission decision.

Contact information

If you have further questions about the application procedure or admission requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at tse-admissions(a) If you have questions concerning on-line applicant registration-related technical matters, please contact info(a) When contacting University Admissions Finland or the university, please provide your Application form number, name, date of birth and the university and programme you are applying to. University Admissions Finland does not unfortunately have the resources to check the arrival of applications before pre-processing them.


Please note that information on these Web pages is subject to change. TSE reserves the right to interpret and modify the conditions of international admission.