Non-degree studies

In addition to degree studies, Turku School of Economics offers non-degree studies which do not lead to a degree.

If you are interested in exchange studies at Turku School of Economics, please read more on Exchange students web pages.​​ Information below does not apply to exchange students.

Who can apply? 

Non-degree studies are mainly aimed at those who have already completed a degree and wish to further their knowledge in some of the subjects of Turku School of Economics. Those who have graduated from Turku School of Economics can complete non-degree studies for free during three academic years after graduation. I If you have graduated from TSE before 2010, the time limit does not apply to you.

The fee for non-degree studies  is 15 euros per credit point from 1st of August 2015.

Which courses are available?

The study right for non-degree studies can be granted for maximum of two subjects with 25 credits each. These limitations do not apply to graduates of TSE nor to those who supplement their previous studies in order to gain eligibility to doctoral programme of TSE.

The study right is granted separately for each course so you must mark all the courses you wish to take in the application. Granting of the study right depends on the resources of the subject and the course. Study right is not usually granted for courses available at the Open University. Thus, before applying, please check the Open University course offering. Studies offered at the Open University are open for everyone, and the course fee is the same as for non-degree studies.

The courses offered in English at Turku School of Economics are presented on our Study guide.

How to apply?

Deadline dates for non-degree studies
  • 8.8. I period teaching
  • 15.9. II period teaching
  • 15.11. III period teaching
  • 31.1. IV period teaching

The application must includes grounds for applying and a list of all the courses the study right is applied for.
Please send the application form to the Office for Academic and Student Affairs of TSE. If you apply for courses in two subjects, please attach two separate sets of enclosures. If you are applying for free non-degree studies (i.e. you have graduated from Turku School of Economics), please attach a certified copy of your degree certificate.

After applying

Notification of the decision is sent by e-mail to the address written in the application. The fees for studies must be paid before the studies start because the study right will be valid only after the fee is paid. After paying you have to send a document of payment to the The study right is valid for two years.  
In addition, accepted students must register for courses via NettiOpsu during the course registration periods. More information on the course registration and other practical matters concerning studying is available in our Study guide.

Further information 

For more information, please contact the Office for Academic and Student Affairs of TSE.