GITM double degree options

The Core Competences of GITM

The core of the GITM programme from the Turku School of Economics point of view is information management module. This module focus on the knowledge and skills on managerial, project leadership, and expert positions in the design, implementation, and service facilitation of IT. It comprises courses like Management of IS projects, Management of IS services, Management of IS security and Enterprise architecture. 

From the perspective of the GITM programme, each partner university offers one specializaton for the program that is based on their unique expertise and profile: 


Tilburg University: Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)

In the ITEM students will learn how to strategically apply IT to support business change and thus enable companies to achieve their strategic, tactical, and operational goals. By focusing on the capabilities needed to improve enterprise performance, this Master’s program prepares for an international career at the interface of IT, business, and management. 

Students of Tilburg university will start their studies at Tilburg on February. During the autumn term they will have two online courses from TSE and on January you will move to Turku.The summer term is dedicated to internship and master's thesis.

Students of Univerity of Turku will start their studies in Turku and move to Tilburg for the second year autumn term, starting late August, of their master's studies. After finalising Tilburg Information management courses they do their master's thesis and possible internship

 ITEM studies at TSE.

Passau UniversityDigital Enterprise Management (DEMA)

The Networked Business & Digital Ecosystems module focuses on economic and technical aspects of today’s networked and digital business environment. Students learn about digitally enabled organizations, and how they benefit from advanced data management and digitalized, networked business platforms to improve performance of networked business ecosystems. Moreover, they learn about economic and technical aspects of digital ecosystems as well as information and communication technologies.

In the DEMA Passau students will start their studies at Passau on April or October. Their Turku studies are from September to May. Turku students study one year in Passau starting thier studies there eiher in April or October.

DEMA studies at TSE.

Central China Normal University (Wuhan): Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BIKMA)

Graduates’ expertise is in the field of data, information, knowledge and information system management, and applying it to business intelligence purposes, as well as to the purposes of internal product, process and governance management.

In the BIKMA students will have first year's studies at TSE and then move to CCNU (Wuhan).


Turku School of Economics (TSE) has run the Global IT Management (GITM) programme since 2003. We have and have had students from Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, India, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, USA, Vietnam. We are proud of our international alumni network.

Study Structure

The final degree from the University of Turku point of view for the students starting their studies on the GITM programme is either Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (M.Sc.(Econ. & Bus. Adm.)) or Master of Science (M.Sc.). The major in both degrees is Information Systems Science. The degree structure 120 ECTS credits is defined in admission process and it depends on the students’ background. In the program, the target degree cannot be changes and it is also partly based on the content of student's bachelor's degree. The successful completion of the master’s degree makes a student eligible for postgraduate studies in Information Systems Science.

Applying for the GITM double degree options

There are several different ways to apply into the double degree options in the GITM programme:

  1. You are a student of Turku School of Economics and select IS for your major in your bachelor studies and then you apply  to one of the GITM double degree options for your master studies. This means that you continue your IS major with this specialization option. 
  2. You apply (via opintontopolku 14.3.2018 8:00 - x.x.2018 xx:00) for the two year's master's level studies majoring in IS (tietojärjestelmätiede) qualifying either in Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) (KTM kauppatieteiden maisteri) or Master of Science (FM filosofian maisteri) and then you apply for one of the GITM double degree options.
  3. You apply directly to one of our GITM partner universities and select there this double degree option.

In the GITM programme there are two different degree options which are decided in the admission phase:

Master of Science from the GITM programme

The major (80 credits) in the degree is Information Systems Science, the remaining part (40 cr.) is optional studies that are defined individually in the student's personal study plan.

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the GITM programme

The major (60 cr.) in the degree is Information Systems Science, the remaining part comprising a minor (25 cr.) with compulsory language and communication studies (10 cr.), methodology studies and optional studies.
For a detailed listing of programme structure and TSE courses, see our Study GuideFor further information on the GITM program, please contact Eija Koskivaara. For further information about studying in University of Turku, please visit general studying pages of the university.