The graduates of the Global Innovation Management Master’s Degree programme acquire knowledge, accumulate experience and develop important personal skills.

They attend lectures and seminars with class sizes varying between 10 and 30 students on average. They gain experience of intercultural communication on most courses by engaging in team-sized collaborative learning groups. These graduates have a very strong foundation in research and inquiry and are trained to utilise scientific methods to solve real world problems. The knowledge the graduates gain can be actively applied to new situations and leads to the generation of new knowledge.

Competence and skills development are emphasised during teaching with the aim of enabling GIM students to deal with the knowledge-based challenges of firms. Hence we ask the following questions: How should a business concept be innovated? What determines success in new product and service development? What factors need to be considered in commercialisation? Which decisions need to be taken to expand internationally?


Our students are continually confronted with these and similar questions. They learn to develop their individual mental models and mindsets in order to find their own innovative approaches and solutions to answering them.

In our experience this is what innovation-driven firms require.