International Curriculum
The extent of the programme is 120 ECTS credits and is designed to be completed in two years. In addition to major and minor studies, students must take language studies and will need to complete methodology courses. Students should note that this is a full-time programme and their physical presence will be required for most courses.


Besides courses focusing on international business, entrepreneurship and innovation management, students take elective courses. Some students will be admitted under the condition that they complete supplementary courses (see: admission criteria).

For a richer understanding of the curriculum, see Study Guide.

GIM is a very international programme within the Turku School of Economics. TSE itself has many international students studying in other Master’s programmes while hundreds of international exchange students attend TSE every year. In GIM we utilise this richness and the creative potential this provides in order to propel the personal development of our students. This is a critical ingredient of our approach to learning.