Life after GIM - Career
GIM is designed to transform your thinking so that you will be able to contribute to the international success of various types of organisations.
The programme’s international business component is designed to provide you with competences which equip you with the ability to understand the complex interactions and big picture of an ever more globally interdependent world. This capability shapes graduates, enabling them to become very valuable actors in areas like general management, the management of small and medium-sized enterprises and similar organisational roles.
The innovation management part of GIM provides a deep and broad understanding of the nature of innovations, their development and commercialisation. Our focus - in terms of innovation management - ranges from macro-systems (i.e. national innovation systems) to business concept innovations, to more traditional innovation management tasks in R&D, product, service and process innovation management. This more specialised focus usefully complements the general skill set acquired.
Entrepreneurship studies, the third fundamental emphasis of GIM, involves working on cognitive and behavioural abilities that have been found to positively correlate with the development and commercialisation of successful innovations.
In summary, the design of GIM opens up a myriad of possible career opportunities in all kinds of organisational settings and roles. The GIM Master of Science Degree opens up the possibility to apply for doctoral studies and quite a few former master's students are continuing after GIM to pursue for Doctor of Science degree.